Sneak preview of our January 2013 sale!

Our next fabric sale is on Sunday January 27, 2013 – check out the recent donations we’ll have on offer! There’s a lot of new linen, cottons, and terry cloth: we’ve got so many rolls! :) And as always, more info on our sales can be found in the Sales section of our site.

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Hi! I'm a Vancouver communications professional specializing in digital and social media. Presently I work at the City of Vancouver: in the past I have worked for TransLink and sat on the board for nonprofit Our Social Fabric.

7 thoughts on “Sneak preview of our January 2013 sale!

  1. I am trying really really hard to justify a visit to Vancouver for this sale. I am not succeeding, as I am running out of room to hide/store my fabric, but it is soooo tempting.

  2. I am shopping for my second semester textiles class…we are making around 150 bunnies with the grade 8’s so the terry is looking like a go to fabric. Thank you, just saved me a trip to Dressew this weekend.

    • That’s terrific! We’d love to see some pictures of what you guys create :)

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